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Northshore Today's retro-review: A little 1987 gem called "North Shore," starring Matt Adler ("White Water Summer" and "Teen Wolf") along with Gregory Harrison (TV's "Trapper John M.D." and "Logan's Run").

The plot: Rick (Adler), a wave-tank surfer from Arizona, travels to Hawaii's North Shore to pursue his dream of surfing professionally only to find out he doesn't measure up skill-wise against the locals. But with the help of a trio of friends -- Turtle, Chandler (Harrison) and Kiani (Nia Peeples), Rick ultimately discovers that becoming a "soul surfer" is better. (Oh yeah, then he goes on to nearly win the a pro tournament anyway.)

That plot sounds familiar: Think "Karate Kid Part 2" -- only subbing in "Chandler" for "Mr. Miyagi."

Maybe you remember: Several pro surfers make appearances in the movie -- Mark Foo, Mark Occhilupo, Robbie Page -- though none play themselves. Surfing legend Gerry Lopez plays the Hui leader Vince.

You can't forget: Lingo-loopy "Turtle" -- played by John Philbin ("Point Break" and "Tombstone").  Johnphilbin Turtle was actually a real-life local whose dialect is reportedly parodied perfectly by Philbin. Today, Philbin still acts and teaches surfing in Southern California.

Did you miss it first time around?: The movie sank like a rock at the box office, but is considered a cult classic among surfers and fans of B-movies in the 80s. It's been making the rounds on the cable channels again too.

The tunes: No soundtrack is available. Some artists featured include Chris Isaak, Killing Joke and Black Uhuru. One particularly memorable tune: A cover of "Funkytown" by Psuedo Echo.

The reviews: The Washington Post praised Philbin's performance, but ultimately said: "They probably should have shredded the script as well as the waves."

Top 5 North Shore quotes:
5. "Here on the North Shore we treat friends mo better."
4. "Stay loose, haole."
3. "Whatever, Barney."
2. "I've seen bigger waves in a toilet!"
1. "Are my eyebrows still on fire?"

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