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Bad, bad girls (they make me feel so good)



Demon The Stuck in the 80s podcast crew reconvenes this week to tackle a guys-only topic: Hottest movie girlfriends of the 80s. (I know what you're thinking -- don't you talk about that every week? Well, yes. What's your point?)

We've certainly covered the "sweetest girlfriends" of the 80s before. But what about the not-so-sweet? The ones who really gotta keep your eye on. The ones whose house you drive by every night at 10 p.m. (even though the police warned you three times not to).

I give you ...

The Naughty Nine of 80s Girlfriends:

Caddyshacklacey Caddyshack's "Lacey Underall" (Cindy Morgan): Corrupts poor Danny and leaves him twisting in the wind when Judge Smails comes home early.

No Way Out's "Susan Atwell" (Sean Young): Playing both Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman. You know that's just going to end badly.

Bodyheat Body Heat's "Matty Walker" (Kathleen Turner): I don't care how rich or hot she is -- when a girlfriend asks you to kill her husband, it's time to walk away (quickly).

Last American Virgin's "Karen" (Diane Franklin): She puppy-dogged Gary into paying for her abortion and then ran back to no-good Rick, setting up the saddest ending to any 80s movie.

Porkys Porky's "Wendy" (Kaki Hunter): She couldn't resist humiliating her soon-to-be boyfriend Pee Wee. (Couldn't find that guy "Mike" whats-his-name either.)

Risky Business' "Lana" (Rebecca De Mornay): Was she naughty or nice? Steal's Joel's crystal sculpture and sinks his car, but makes love to him on a real train. (Who was he to say no?)

Better Off Dead's "Beth" (Amanda Wyss): Dumps John Cusack for sleazy ski-team captain Roy Stalin. Dumps Stalin for Cusack after he skis the K-12.

Footloose Footloose's "Ariel" (Lori Singer): Gets Ren caught up in tractor chicken race and then nearly gets him killed by standing in front of a train. What's Ren get in return? A music box. Nice.

Black Widow's "Catherine" (Theresa Russell): Kills her husbands for their wealth, forces a private investigator to O.D., then gets her best friend thrown in jail for murder. She's more evil than the other characters combined.

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