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Balki is 50 years old? Don't be ridi-cool-us

Balki Balki or Serge? Serge or Balki? Don't try to boil Bronson Pinchot's '80s contributions down to his roles in Perfect Strangers and Beverly Hills Cop. Pinchot gave us so much more.

Have you forgotten that Bronson was Tom Cruise's best friend in Risky Business? He has at least a dozen great lines in his first-ever movie appearance (and he invented the "Memo Minder!"). He's also Matt Dillon's buddy in The Flamingo Kid, lusting hopelessly after the future Mrs. Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones. There are even less-memorable - okay, practically forgettable performances - in Bachelor Party, Hot Resort and Second Sight.

These days, Bronson may be hard to spot onscreen -- he does still guest-star on TV dramas regularly and has regular gigs on Broadway -- but his voice is bringing home the paycheck. He's a sought-after reader of audiobooks and voice man for cartoons and commercials. Hey, it's a good living for someone born 50 years ago today in New York as Bronson Alcott Poncharavsky.

Enjoy your top 5 list, Bronson. And yes, we'll take an espresso with a little lemon twist.


5. TRUE ROMANCE (Elliot): "My name's Elliot, and I'm with the Cub Scouts of America. We're selling uncut cocaine to get to the jamboree."

4. THE FLAMINGO KID (Alfred): "Carla, when I see you, I think of Wonder Woman, tying me up with her golden lasso."

3. RISKY BUSINESS (Barry): "Hit it."

2. PERFECT STRANGERS (Balki): "Now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!"

1. BEVERLY HILLS COP (Serge): "Would you like a little espresso? I make it right in back with a little lemon twist. You should try it! It's good!"

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