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Balki in the soaps? Don't be ridi-coo-lus



Balki Look who's back on TV. Bronson Pinchot is joining the cast of "The Young and the Restless," playing the part of a publicist named Patrick.


Pinchot, whose offbeat characters ruled the '80s, has been enjoying a resurrection in his acting career, thanks to his appearance on VH1's "Surreal Life." He'll join the soap opera from March 14 through 26, according to the Daytime Dial blog.

But is Pinchot's turn as "Balki" in TV's "Perfect Strangers" really the opus of his acting career? Not hardly.


5. THE FLAMINGO KID (Alfred): Bronson always works great as a sidekick. Throw in Matt Dillon and you have what might be one of the most underrated (or just forgotten ) movies of the early 80s.

4. SECOND SIGHT (Billy): Not a great movie. But John Larroquette shines as a private detective who uses Bronson's psychic abilities to solve crimes.

3. PERFECT STRANGERS (Balki): The TV show, which ran for eight seasons, had a rapid following around the world, where it was rebroadcast (often with Balki taking on a different name.) Popular lore has it that comic legend Lucille Ball considered it one of her favorite shows.

2. RISKY BUSINESS (Barry): He overshadows Tom Cruise in many scenes and gets all the good lines. Plus, he invents the Memo Minder!

1. BEVERLY HILLS COP (Serge): Single-handedly popularized espresso ... "with a little lemon twist. You should try it, it's good!"

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