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Bands Reunited: Some dream reunions



Smyth VH1's "Bands Reunited" series was my favorite non-music programming on the now-non Music Television empire. I watched nearly every episode. One that I wish I'd seen was the episode on Scandal and Patty Smyth, one of the true vocal gems of the 80s. The Stuck in the 80s podcast is interviewing Patty on Tuesday as part of an upcoming episode of the show, so we'll ask her what it was like to be ambushed on camera (among many other more important things).

But that got me thinking: If I were able to coax any band into reuniting for just one show (and giving me a seat front-row center for the performance), who would it be:

Stuck in the 80s' list of dream band reunions:

5. Frankie Goes To Hollywood:
The lads from Liverpool appeared on Bands Reunited, but didn't play when singer Holly Johnson opted out. I was crushed.

4. Oingo Boingo: Calling Danny Elfman. Attention, Mr. Elfman. Please set down your career as a movie score producer for a few months and play tunes like "Only A Lad" and "No Spill Blood" again. (Halloween is just around the corner -- what perfect timing.)

Deyoung 3. Styx: They're playing Tampa this coming Saturday with Foreigner and Foghat, but without Dennis DeYoung, it's just a cover band. No offense, but no thanks.

Perry 2. Journey: They come to town here in Tampa Bay regularly, but without Steve Perry, it's not the same band I saw in my very first concert back in Oct. 22, 1981 at the Lakeland Civic Center. (Escape tour. Classic. In fact, I'm not sure even adding Steve would be able to top that show.)

Jello 1. Dead Kennedys: My favorite punk band of all time just doesn't cut without Jello Biafra on lead vocals. I can only imagine with delight the chaos that'd be caused at trying to ambush Jello with VH1 cameras.

Anyone else have some personal additions to the list?

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