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'Be good' (just not great): Name some overrated movies



Et2 I'm catching a lot of grief for my blanket statement in this week's podcast that I'd rather watch Red Dawn a hundred times than sit through another viewing of Jaws. (And in complete disclosure, I'm probably halfway to that goal already.)  I'm not backing down. But it got me to thinking:

What are the most overrated movies of the 80s?

It's time to compile another list. And as always, I want your help. Leave me a comment with your suggestions on the most overrated movies of our favorite decade. In a week or so, I'll provide an unscientific ranking.

What do I mean by overrated? Think about movies that were good -- maybe even very good -- at the time but which nowadays maybe get more credit than they deserve.

Here are five movies that come to mind:

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (1982): Three times I've tried to sit through it, and I can't make it past the half-hour mark. And yet, for some reason, I own it on DVD. But I've never taken it out of the shrink-wrap.

Nine to Five (1980): Once the symbol of the fight for workplace equality. Now just a really annoying Dolly Parton song.

Born on the Fourth of July (1989): Very dated and hard to watch nearly 20 years later. Of all of Tom Cruise's work in the 80s, it (along with "Legend") might be the hardest to sit through now.

First Blood (1982): Sylvester Stallone's movies litter our list of 80 worst movies of the 80s (more than than any other actor, I believe). Yet somehow this one seems to be beloved by the minions. I saw it once. And that was enough.

Against All Odds (1984): Love the theme song by Phil Collins. But there's a reason you never see this movie on TV. Not even the program managers of UHF stations can tolerate the wasted efforts of Jeff Bridges and James Woods. Though it's always fun to see a USFL football team (in this case, the L.A. Express) worked into a screenplay. I mean, for history's sake.

So drop a line with a few movies you think deserve to be on the list. And check back to see what other 80s fans are saying.

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