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'Beeth Oven' is 240 years old? Excellent!



Beeth Oven in Bill and Ted's Excellent AdventureHard to pick one great scene from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (unless you're Sean Daly, and then it's impossible), but I'm rather fond of seeing "Beeth Oven" go nuts-zoid over a band of electronic keyboards in the San Dimas Mall music store.

Best moment: The smirk on actor Clifford David's face when the salesman asks "You a musician?" (Hey, at least Beethoven didn't play Journey's Open Arms for starters, which was my de facto opening salvo any time I got my hands on a keyboard in the '80s. By the way, special thanks to Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain for writing a song that nobody can replicate without sounding like a total idiot.)

(In case you're wondering, which is all I ever do, David's career was more focused on Broadway than feature films, though you will also see him in M. Night Shyamalan's Signs with Mel Gibson, The Exorcist III with George C. Scott, Fort Apache, The Bronx with Paul Newman and The Betsy with Lawrence Olivier.)

But back to his biggest contribution -- Bill & Ted: The entire mall seen from the 1989 movie is truly dazzling, isn't it? And so, on Ludwig van Beethoven's 240th birthday, click play and enjoy it all over again.

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