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Behold the actual homes from 'Better Off Dead'

Our Stuck in the '80s paparazzi is back on the prowl, this time shooting photos of the houses from 1985's
Better Off Dead. Brad Williams, our SoCal correspondent, files this report:

Smith I'm starting to feel a bit like a stalker. Nobody was around at the "Ricky Smith" house (right, at 1633 Virginia Avenue in Glendale, Calif.), but it looked like the owner had just gotten home at the "Lane Meyer" home (above, right across the street at 1636 Virginia Avenue in Glendale).

The interior of the garage is visible in the shot - I don't know if they used the house itself or just the exteriors in Better Off Dead, but if they did, that's where Lane Meyer first attempted to off himself in the movie.

I snapped a couple pictures from the middle of the street and headed back to my car before the owner emerged to question me.

The trees in the front of the house have been added since the film was shot, and a pull-through driveway cuts across where Lane's Camaro sat in an "auto cocoon," but the house is otherwise recognizable. No homemade space shuttles burst from the roof in the brief time I was there.

The "Smith" house looks just as I remember it from the film, with the big trees in the front and the small porch/stoop where Monique sat and laughed at Ricky's picture, although the lawn was a little ragged.

-- Brad

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