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Behold the horrible hits of 1982



Ebony_and_ivory Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney -- what were you thinking when you gave us Ebony and Ivory? Were you really trying to encourage racial harmony? Or were you just giving us podcast fodder for '80s fans in future decades?

Here's how you know when you miss the mark: When Saturday Night Live does a parody that's more entertaining than the original, that means you just threw up a brick.

But that song is just the start of this week's Stuck in the '80s podcast: The Horrible Hits of 1982. (Click here to listen; or click here to get all our shows for free via iTunes.) We go into some dark places. Songs you've long since wiped from memory. And sadly, some songs that are probably still on your iPods.

One warning before your download this week's show: Don't eat while listening! This advice will make sense soon enough.

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