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Behold a study in the art of the mustache, circa 1983 to 1991



Steve mustache
The high art of photography meets the greatest cultural phenomenon of our lifetimes: The thick and cheesy mustache of the 1980s.

Notice the grainy quality of the photo above. Clearly the photographer was trying to capture the subtle atmosphere of ... oh hell, I don't know. I only took one course in news photography.

Anyway, after much prodding and poking, I assembled a photo gallery of every image I could find with me and my "why it's famous, I don't know" 'stache. I grew it my sophomore year in high school, shaved it off briefly in 1986, grew it back in 1989 and retired it for good in 1991.

In order to see all the images, you might have to friend me on Facebook. Behold the history of my upper lip.

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