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Believe it or not, he's still here



The Greatest American Hero lives on, though clearly the euphoria of the 80s is long gone:

I'll go on the record and say this guy's life is way too similar to my own. Only I don't own the great pajamas.

The Greatest American Hero is perhaps one of the most forgotten TV shows from the 80s. It ran for only three seasons on ABC and featured William Katt as superhero "Ralph Hinkley," Robert Culp as "FBI agent Bill Maxwell" and the lovely Connie Sellecca as lawyer "Pam Davidson."

Some trivia:

  • Hinkley never gets a superhero nickname in the entire series.
  • His superhuman power comes from aliens, who visit Earth to help mankind.
  • The reason why Hinkley is a lame superhero? He lost his manual in the desert.
  • The theme song -- "Believe it or not" -- was song by Joey Scarbury. It might have been more popular than the show, landing at No. 2 on the charts. Scarbury would later record the theme song for Hardcastle & McCormick.
  • A movie version of the TV show was in the works a few years ago, but it seems to have dropped off Hollywood's radar.
  • All three seasons of the show are now available on DVD. That must have required superhuman powers alone.

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