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The best and worst of 100 episodes



Rickspringfieldlive The epic 100th episode of Stuck in the 80s is now online. Click here to download it. Or click here to subscribe to all our episodes for free on iTunes (a much easier way to listen.)

With this milestone finally breached (and shows #101, #102 and #103 nearly completed), it seems like a good time to go over the highlights -- our photo with Rick Springfield is one of those -- and lowlights of our two-year (and counting) expedition to the 80s.

Our favorite episode: The hosts (myself, Times pop music critic Sean Daly and the recently departed Cathy Wos) usually lean toward our Michael Jackson's Thriller episode as our favorite.

Listener's favorite episode: We got the most e-mails about episode #99 -- the one-hit wonders of 1986. That surprised us.

Andrewdiceclay Our least favorite episode: I'd love to re-do any of the first 10 shows, just because we have the technology to do them better now. Otherwise, the interview with comedian Andrew Dice Clay didn't pan out well either. (But it does have all the profanity uncensored.)

Listener's least-favorite episode: People really hated the interview with former Dukes of Hazzard star Tom Wopat -- the first and only show I hosted solo.

Our favorite interview: Tough call here. Probably AC/DC's Brian Johnson, who was friendly beyond belief. Call it a tie between him and MTV goddess Martha Quinn, who is more stuck in the 80s than I'll ever be.

Mollyringwald Least favorite interview: Probably former teen queen Molly Ringwald, who was promoting her national stage production of Sweet Charity. She seemed disengaged and bored at times. But I'm betting that because she has answered the same questions over and over again for 25 years now, so we'll forgive her.

Toughest interview to get: Probably Thomas Dolby, who was doing his first tour in almost 20 years. A longtime hero of mine, he was a fantastic person to talk to -- but it took months of work to get it set up.

Coolest person we've met in person: Probably John Waite, who sang and played songs for me on his guitar to calm me down before I introduced him on stage. Though meeting Rick Springfield (twice) and Brian Johnson were surreal moments too.

Kevincroninfull People we're dying to still interview:
More than I can count, but let's start with directors Cameron Crowe and John Hughes, actors John Cusack and Matthew Broderick, and REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin (who I actually get to interview later today.)

Favorite catch-phrases: Sean's "Mama No!" ... Cathy's "Puppies!" ... and I guess my "Dare I say classic?" (which I've been trying to suppress lately.)

So stay tuned for the REO podcast and a few other surprises we have cooked up for the next month or two. And keep the comments and e-mails coming. Without your feedback, we'd feel all alone in the 80s.

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