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Best college movies of the 80s



Did anyone out there have a truly great spring break in the 80s? During the four spring breaks I had during college:

-- I met a girl during freshman year's break; she broke up with me two weeks later.
-- A different girlfriend dumped me during the sophomore year's break. (If you want the full story on her, listen to the "break-up songs podcast."
-- During junior year's break, I ended up staying at school and working on a big story about an ongoing trial. Let me tell you how much fun a college town is during spring break....
-- And finally, during senior year, I spent the week traveling through Florida and to New York where I went through 6 job interviews and got no offers (even getting turned down for a job at the place I work now. And don't think I haven't forgotten. In fact, the hiring editor still works here, though I'd be shocked if he remembers me from way back then.)

So you can imagine that spring break is more the stuff of nightmares for me than any real fun. That's why I annually gorge myself on fun college movies this time of year.

Here's my list of best 80s college movies. Enjoy. (And never forget: You're having a better time now than I ever had):
-- Back to School (1986): "Why don't you come see me sometime when you have no class."
-- Real Genius (1985): "Welcome to Pacific Tech's Smart People on Ice!"
-- Revenge of the Nerds (1984): "No one's gonna really be free until nerd persecution ends."
-- School Daze (1988): "Learn to be articulate, you juvenile delinquent!"
-- St. Elmos Fire (1985): "Soon as I make it big, I'm going fluff and fold."
-- The Sure Thing (1985): "How would you like to have a sexual experience so intense it could conceivably change your political views?"

Only if you're really desperate: The All-Nighter, Campus Man, Oxford Blues.

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