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Best TV theme songs? Believe it

Greatestamericanhero Feel free to blast the fashion, hairstyles and music of our beloved 80s -- so long as you do it on another blog -- but there's one legacy of the decade that cannot be diminished:

It was the last decade of truly great TV theme songs.

From the simplicity of "The Cosby Show" to the bombastic orchestrations of "Dallas" and "Dynasty," TV in the 80s had it covered. (The one song that makes me song along every time? "Believe It or Not" from "Greatest American Hero.")

This week's Stuck in the 80s podcast will finally unveil our list of the Top 10 TV Themes of the 1980s. Think you know which one will emerge on top? You never know. I like to keep things interesting.

In the meantime, this is your last chance to nominate your favorite -- and least favorite -- TV themes. Write something clever with your nomination and we'll read the best comments during the show.

Fire away with your picks!

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:32pm]


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