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Best videos: Frankie still royalty in Hollywood



Frankie_goes_to_hollywood_6The march through the best videos of the 80s resumes today. Here are nos. 21-30. (Click here to see Nos. 31-40 and  41-50.) Say what you like about Frankie Goes To Hollywood, but the lads from Liverpool knew how to make a video -- especially the type to get banned. Their original version of the Relax video, which was nixed by MTV and the BBC, was replaced by the one shown below (adapted from the movie "Body Double.")

Likewise, the version of Blue Jean below isn't the one we're honoring. There's an extended version out there with the whole back story of "Screaming Lord Byron." The edited version will stir your brain cells for now.

Best music videos of the 80s:
30. My Philosophy, Boogie Down Productions (view)
29. Blue Jean, David Bowie (view)
28. Where the Streets Have No Names, U2 (view)
27. It's the End of the World, R.E.M. (view)
26. The Reflex, Duran Duran (view)
25. Relax, Frankie Goes To Hollywood (view)
24. It's My Life, Talk Talk (view)
23. Night of the Living Baseheads, Public Enemy (view)
22. Ana Ng, They Might Be Giants (view)
21. Material Girl, Madonna (view)

Personal fave: I'm a Frankie fan from the early days, so I'm gravitating toward Relax, the epic song that helped me and group of mates win the Lip-Synch '85 competition at Countryside High School back in my senior year. (We beat out U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" -- monumental upset). But for the true flavor, try to find the "live" version.

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