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Betty and Louis in 'Nerds' among top 10 costumed sex scenes



It's a classic scene. Think back to 1984's Revenge of the Nerds. King of the geeks Louis Skolnick (dressed as Darth Vader) and sorority sweetie Betty Childs (in the cowgirl outfit) making sweet love in the Moonwalk attraction -- while in costume.

Temporarily put aside the possible legal ramifications -- hello, nonconsentual sex? At least for 5 seconds until Betty realizes that's not a slide-ruler in Louis' pocket -- it's an epic scene. And that's why SpoutBlog named it one of their Top 10 Sex Scenes Involving Costumes.

Very, very tough list to come up with. That's probably why only one other '80s movie made the cut, 1985's Teen Wolf. (When Michael J. Fox is seduced in his dressing room during the school play while still wearing his Civil War costume. Talk about obscure.)

It's a fun list to unveil right before Halloween when the rest of us are trying to figure out what '80s-themed costume might give us the best chance at nook-nook on Saturday night. (Normally I'd say my planned Blues Brothers outfit is a sure thing. Except temperatures here in Florida are hovering near 90 degrees, and with a full suit on, I'm afraid I'll end up looking like that one Nazi in Raiders when the Germans open the lid on the ark of the covenant.)

We'll expand the scope of the list for the '80s: Which movies from the '80s have really cool and erotic scenes involving costumes?

(Does Kim Basinger dressed as a man in 9 1/2 Weeks count?)

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