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Beware of Styx and the 'Mr. Roboto' curse

Dennis-deyoung After we finished our podcast about Horrible Hits of 1983, we knew we'd get some interesting e-mails from fans disgruntled by our picks. Enjoy the madness from "Brother Ron in Dallas."

Hey Sean and Steve. Just wondering... did you two put a voodoo curse on me or something? Ever since I listened to the "Horrible Hits of '83" podcast, that god-awful "Mr. Roboto" will not get out of my head. It is the earworm that will not die and dear lord god, how I hate that song! Absolutely nothing is working to get rid of it. Not The Bangles, not The English Beat, not even my beloved Iron freaking Maiden!  Damn you and your "Golden Girls" hairdo, Dennis DeYoung. Damn you straight to hell!

Oh well, at least I can take comfort in the fact that Sean Daly hates that hackneyed, faux rock opera crap as much as I do. It just makes my unrequited, long distance bromance with him blossom that much more.

On a side note, I'm curious... how many people called bulls--t on Steve for ripping on "What About Me" by Moving Pictures, which he had claimed to love in the "One Hit Wonders of 1983" podcast? Do we need to get the lovely and talented Cathy Wos on the phone to back me up on this? I Actually like that song, so I just wanted to point that out.

I'm out to find some Flamin' Hot Funyuns! -- Brother Ron in Dallas.

[By the way: No need to call Cathy anymore. She's back living in Tampa Bay!]

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