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The biggest sins of Rob Lowe



As we march on toward collecting the ultimate list of worst movies from the 80s, we eventually find ourselves staring at one of mankind's greatest dilemmas:

What was Rob Lowe's worst movie of the 80s?

Don't get me wrong: Rob Lowe is the man. And it's easy to find a slew of great flicks from our favorite decade: Class and About Last Night are two movies that I consider must-owns for any true connoisseur of the 80s. But then there's also...

Oxfordblues1 OXFORD BLUES (1984): The highly believable story of a Las Vegas hustler who buys his way into Oxford University, nearly steals away some English duchess and manages to avenge a decades-old rowing loss to Harvard. Such a cliche! Also features painfully forced performances by Ally Sheedy, Julian Sands and Cary Elwes.

Elmo_1 ST. ELMO'S FIRE (1985): Again, we're forced to believe that Rob Lowe was not only accepted but also graduated from Georgetown University. (I should have applied!) A Brat Pack disaster that led one movie critic to exclaim: "The intolerable apotheosis of 80s youth-driven film-making."

Younguniform YOUNGBLOOD (1986): Here's a pitch that should have shot down after a dozen words: "So we have this film where Lowe, Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves are hockey players in Canada..." Oh no, don't worry, it has jokes too. Like the one where the hockey players shave each other's genitals.

Illyours ILLEGALLY YOURS (1988): This movie actually co-stars someone I graduated with from Countryside High School here in Florida ... Ira Heiden. Just bad timing for Ira and Rob, I guess, that the movie came out shortly after Lowe was arrested for videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl at the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.

So I leave to you, 80s fans: Give me an order to the foulness of these four flicks. Extra points to anyone who can actually goes and rents them first. (I know Ira would appreciate it.)

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