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Bill Cosby ... What were you thinking?



Leonard_3 Bill Cosby is a genius at probably everything he does -- except for maybe one thing: picking movie scripts.

And because we've already honored this week's birthday boy on his greatest acting achievement, it seems an appropriate time to also decide this:

Which was Bill Cosby's worst movie in the 80s? (It's not a hard choice. He only made two.)

THE DEVIL & MAX DEVLIN in 1981 or LEONARD PART 6 from 1987?

When bad-boy Max Devlin dies and goes to hell, the devil's right-hand man (Cosby) makes Max a deal. If he can trick three innocent people to sell their souls, Max can return to Earth.
Leonard: The CIA asks a retired spy (Cosby) to fight an evil force that is brainwashing small animals into killing people.
Which is lamer?: The "Devil" has the most recycled plot here. A least "Leonard" sounds like an episode of South Park.

Elliott Gould, Adam Rich.
Leonard: Joe Don Baker, Tom Courtenay and Jane Fonda in a cameo as herself.
Which is lamer?: I like Gould and Baker. That leaves Fonda to give "Leonard" the edge in star power, making the "Devil" take strike two.

Maxdevlin THE REVIEWS:
"I liked The Devil and Max Devlin when I was a kid. But along these tumultuous years something has happened…I must have grown cynical and cold hearted, because I couldn't summon up one iota of emotion while watching this film. It's bland, inoffensive, and boring kiddie fluff." -- DVD Verdict.
Leonard: " The only good thing about Bill Cosby's "Leonard Part 6" is that we didn't have to see Parts 1 through 5." -- Washington Post
Which is lamer?: "Leonard" seems to offend critics from start to finish. Big surprise.

"Thank you very much"
Leonard: "I got your ball, now let me in."
Which is lamer?: I'm sure I could find other lines from "Devil," but then I remembered I have a life. (Actually, no, I don't, and I'm way behind writing the unauthorized biography of Steve Guttenberg.)

THE VERDICT: "Leonard Part 6" is the bigger stinker by a nose. And Bill, next time you think about taking a movie part, how about letting us read the script first, OK?

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