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A birthday too far: Ryan O'Neal's top 5 movies of the '80s




Truth is ... Ryan O'Neal is probably stuck in any decade other than the '80s. My guess is that Ryan can still recite every line as Oliver Barrett IV in 1970's Love Story but can't remember the title of any movie he appeared in during the '80s.

And that's okay by me. Life is better knowing now that "Love means never having to say you're sorry," even if I was only 3 years old when O'Neal first spoke it. (Later I would learn that being married, on the other hand, means having to say you're sorry all the time ... even when you rarely know what you're sorry about.)

Ryan O'Neal was probably the first movie star I was aware of as a kid, followed quickly by Burt Reynolds. Or maybe Benji. Anyway, the point is that I'd love to honor him today -- his 70th birthday -- for the movies I remember best, like Love Story and A Bridge Too Far (the very first movie my dad took me to as "father and son"). Instead, Ryan, I give you the best of your '80s work. So remember this:

Being stuck in the '80s means never having to say you're sorry ... but having to explain it often.


5. GREEN ICE (1981): Tagline: "He wanted adventure ... She craved revenge ... Emeralds held the answer."

4. SO FINE (1981): One review: "If you've ever wanted to see Richard Kiel in blackface, or Jack Warden swing in like a swashbuckler to save the day, it's for you."

3. PARTNERS (1982): One review: "If it had the courage of its cliches, it would end - like all similar heterosexual comedies -with the two mismatched leads falling in love and living happily ever after."

2. IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES (1984): " 'Erica James celebrated her 13th birthday by screwing the entire junior varsity basketball team!' What is this??"

1. CHANCES ARE (1989): "I'm going to find out once and for all what it feels like to hold the woman I love, have always loved and will always love until the day I die."

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