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Blasphemy in the 80s




There was once a time when religious jokes not only appeared in Hollywood films, but people actually laughed at them too. Ah, yes, the '80s. Where are you when we need you most?

In the 80s, putting a list like this out on Easter Day would be part of the punchline. These days, it's likely to just get me flamed. (Just be glad "Life of Brian" came out in the '70s.)

Top 5 blasphemous scenes in 80s movies:

5. The Bishop in Caddyshack (1980) after he's been struck by lightning: "Excellency, fiddlesticks, my name's Fred and I'm a man, same as you."

4. Mel Brooks as Moses in History of the World Part 1: "The Lord, the Lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen... [drops one of the tablets] Oy! Ten! Ten commandments for all to obey!"

3. The infamous condom scene in Meaning of Life: "That's what being a Protestant's all about. ... When Martin Luther nailed his protest up to the church door in 1517, he may not have realized the full significance of what he was doing, but 400 years later, thanks to him, my dear, I can wear whatever I want on my John Thomas."

2. Rob Lowe dressing as Jesus for a costume ball in Class (1983): "Worriest thou not about being banished for ever from the Foxfield school for girls, for yea, thought they are the only females within a 100 miles, there is still a place where thou canst journey to. Chicago, on the nine o'clock bus."

Melbrooks 1. Mel Brooks as Comicus trying to get Jesus' dinner order at "The Last Supper" in History of the World: "All right, all right! Jesus!" (View it)

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