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Blog battle: Bangles vs. Go-Go's



Banglesband Are you ready for a full-fledged blog battle with my arch-nemesis, pop critic Sean Daly? Today, we're taking on the burning issue for all red-blooded power-pop fans from the 80s:

Which was the better group -- The Go-Go's or The Bangles? We drew straws and I'm here to defend The Bangles. (Click here to read Sean's defense of the Go-Go's).

Top 5 reasons why the Bangles are better than the Go-Go's:

5. Their name: Let's get down to basics -- even their name is better. The Go-Go's? Hmmm. Suggests the 60s to me, not the 80s. On the other hand, "bangles" were one of the ultimate 80s accessories. For trivia buffs, the first name of the band was The Supersonic Bangs (later shortened to Bangs then changed to Bangles because of another band already was called the Bangs.) The Go-Go's? I don't see any other band wanting to steal that name.

4. Favored by royalty: Which band did Prince -- the elite 80s icon -- pen a tune for? Umm, that'd be The Bangles, Bob. "Manic Monday" was composed by his Royal Purpleness, and it became a #2 hit in the U.S. back in 1986.

3. Greatest cover song: The only reason to watch the movie "Less Than Zero" is the chills you get when you hear the beginning notes of the Bangles' "Hazy Shade of Winter," a cover of the classic tune by Simon and Garfunkel. In fact, the cover is better than the original, thanks to the signature guitar work that rivals any other riff from the 80s.

2. Pop culture goddesses: If I asked you to "walk like an Egyptian," you'd do it, wouldn't you? No hesitation whatsoever. That's the pop power of the Bangles. It's also possibly one of the sexiest videos of the 1980s. Don't believe me? Catch the eye-shimmies from my favorite Bangle by rewatching it now.

Hoffs40 1. Oh, Susanna!: Say what you want about Belinda Carlisle, but there is no sexier female musician in the 80s than Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. How hot is she? Remember "Manic Monday" -- it was written by Prince as a gift to Hoffs because the dude was totally smitten with her. (Did it help woo her? Nah, but what a classic story.) And in 1986, the movie The Allnighter should have been a total box office bomb. It wasn't and you know why: Because it starred sexy Susanna.

Sean, just say "mercy" and admit you've been old-schooled by a Jedi master.

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