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Blog battle: Janet Jackson vs. Beyonce



Janet_jackson Days like this are miserable. Times pop music fraudster Sean Daly will drag me to lunch so he can run out to buy Beyonce's new disc, which I'll then rightfully refuse to play on my car's CD player.

Then he'll wax poetically in the newspaper about how he's ALWAYS loved her and how PERFECT her music is, when in reality he hasn't mentioned her name in the three years I've known him.

Sorry, Sean, but when it comes to the ultimate female entertainer, I'm going with Ms. Janet Jackson -- and not someone whose name sounds like a brand of fabric softener sheets.

Go here to read his misguided attempt to justify his career. And then enjoy a heaping dose of the Rhythm Nation here.


1. LESS CLOTHES = GOOD THING: That wasn't a wardrobe malfunction for Janet during the Super Bowl a few years back -- it was a wardrobe revelation! Janet is a kinky little minx, and we celebrate that. Beyonce couldn't score a striptease halftime gig at the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl.

2. AND THE OSCAR GOES TO ...: Wasn't Beyonce about the only person appearing in Dream Girls who didn't get an Oscar nomination? Even Eddie "Remember I was once Axel Foley" Murphy got one. Face it, Janet did better acting in Good Times and Ghost Dad.

3. THE TUNES: Nasty, Escapade, What Have You Done For Me Lately. Janet fills our iPods with poppy, sexy sing-along fun. Beyonce has ... Sasha Fierce? (cricket, cricket). Don't worry, B, there's always room for you ... at the Golden Nugget showroom in Laughlin, Nev.

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