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Blog battle: Sexiest songs of the '80s



Lloyd_dobler Oh I want to the truth to be known ... There are few things in life so simple, pure and moving as the perfect playlist of sexy songs. So with Valentine's Day nearly here, we unveil the Stuck in the '80s Official Top 15 List of Sexiest Songs of the '80s.

Sadly, there are those out there who would try to find fault with the love songs of the '80s, opting to pine away for the best-forgotten dirges of the past, salty classics better left to wax cylinders. Old Blue Eyes knew how to sing about tramps and the Windy City, but he didn't know squat about being in love in the '80s.

Let's see Sinatra squeeze himself into parachute pants, don an REO Speedwagon jersey and ask lovely red-headed Jeanette Brown to couple skate. She'd dump an Orange Julius on his head and skate over to that shy, tall guy with the Journey T and sexy mustache.

So feel free to check out Sean Daly's companion piece on Sexiest Songs of All-Time, maybe even throw him a chuckle or two when he tries to make a case some lame Kings of Leon song having more soul than Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes. Sorry, Sean, but Lloyd Dobler knows that his signature tune has more pure red corpuscles flowing through the first three notes than your whole list put together. Sometimes, love hurts, Sean. For you, this is one of those times.

Sexiest songs of the 80s

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