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Blog battle: 'Thriller' vs. 'Off The Wall'



Michealjacksonthriller Tuesday marks the release of "Thriller 25" -- the epic, 25th anniversary edition of Michael Jackson's landmark album. Cause for celebration? Sure. (Break out the winecoolers and pudding pops.)

But it seems some people out there think the original 1982 album is a RUNNER-UP to other M.J.'s other work. (Unless they're talking about his cosmetic work, I'm baffled.)

By some people, I could only mean Sean Daly, a music critic who's more machine now than man -- twisted and evil. Daly claims that 1979's "Off The Wall" is the real opus. So you know what that means...

BLOG BATTLE ... battalion style. I think it's demented and social (but social) that I even have to explain the rationale here, but Daly's a glutton for punishment -- and for fresh lamb chops, not that this is relevant here, but the guy smells like a Irish butcher shop most days of the week.

Read Sean's sad case first, then read this, you pretty young thing!


3. THE NUMBERS: Number of people who own "Thriller" -- approximately 105-million and counting. Number of people who own "Off The Wall" -- three ... Sean Daly, the roller skating rink down the road and Stevie Wonder (who thought he was buying a copy of "Thriller.")

Off_the_wall 2. THE TUNES: Nobody woos the opposite sex to "She's Out of My Life" -- except maybe Kenny G or Macaulay Culkin. The rest of us queue up "Human Nature," which is like Spanish Fly to our species. And "Wanna Be Startin' Something" trumps any disco-ridden track on the earlier disc for drawing people to the dance floor. Remember, "Thriller" had SEVEN top-10 singles. And a video for the title song features dance moves that are as ingrained in western culture as anything short of indoor plumbing and microwave popcorn.

Soulglo 1. PRIMO MICHAEL: On the cover the "Off The Wall," Michael looks like Eriq La Salle from "Coming to America" ("Just let your Soul Glo!"). Is that the Michael everyone loves? No, M.J. in 1982 was in his prime -- red leather pants, single glove, slightly smaller nose (but nobody complained.) He christened the Moonwalk to "Billie Jean" -- not "Burn This Disco Out." And Weird Al chose to lampoon "Beat It" -- not "Rock With You."

You know why? Because when it comes to 80s classics, even Weird Al knows that this album can thrill you more than any ghost would dare to try.

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