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The Blow Monkeys are back!




Hey, Blow Monkeys fans! (All three dozen of you ... just kidding! I love those squirrelly little guys.) Eighteen years after their last album, the band is reforming and recording a new studio album. A tour is expected to follow.

The reunion includes all four original members of the band -- Dr. Robert, Mick Anker, Neville Henry and Tony Kiley. The British "sophisti-pop" band was best known for its 1986 hit "Digging Your Scene." The band originally broke up in 1990.

But here's the odd twist: According to the band's new website, fans are being asked to buy the record in advance so the Blow Monkeys can offset the production costs. In return, fans get a signed, numbered edition of the disc, a thank-you letter from the Monkeys and entry into a drawing for free concert tickets.

"We want to make an album free of record company executives and PR spin," the band writes on its blog. "An album for the fans. Raw and funky. Essential Blow Monkey music. Simian Soul. Primate Punk. Delicious melodic Glam Jazz that only Blow Monkeys know how ... but this time with your input and backing."

Interesting strategy. Anyone out there a fanatic enough to pony up the money in advance for a Blow Monkey disc? Come on, I know you're out there.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:26pm]


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