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Bono to lead efforts to free Paris Hilton


Did the headline scare you? It's just a satire from The Spoof, a U.K. website with a sense of humor strong enough to rekindle the war between the motherland and the colonies.

The website "quotes" U2's Bono saying: "Paris ... is a beacon of light and hope to all ugly, fat, boring, lifeless sacks of meat that drag their unworthy, filth ridden carcases through their mundane lives on a daily basis. ...  If she goes down man, that's it for me, I am just gonna top myself, so will Adam and the boys."

By the way ... U2's Bono -- aka Paul Hewson -- is 47 years old today.


  • Bono says seeing Monty Python's "The Secret Policeman's Ball" in 1979 was his inspiration to start in with charity work.
  • With his two daughters' help, Bono illustrated a children's book -- "Peter and the Wolf" -- in 2003. Sales of the book benefited the Irish Hospice Foundation.
  • Bono has said his favorite U2 song is "Stay (Farway, So Close!)."
  • He is the only person in history to be nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe, Grammy, and Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Regarding his famous stage name, it's said he was nicknamed "Bono Vox" -- the name of a hearing aid store in Dublin -- because he sang loud enough for deaf people to hear him.


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