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If I posted a new photo of Duran Duran every day, it wouldn't be enough for some of you fans out there, I'm guessing. So here's a shot of John Taylor and Simon Le Bon performing their "Red Carpet Massacre" tour at Broadway's Barrymore Theater on Nov. 3.

Rolling Stone has posted its review of the new album, but I can't tell if it's good or bad. (I never can tell with their "too-smart-for-you" reviews). "...'Skin Divers' and 'Zoom In' are classic Durannie funk a la 'Notorious'," writes Rob Sheffield, who seems uncomfortable with the realization that the lads are now eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Hey, at least they play instruments and rock music -- unlike, say, Madonna!)

Meanwhile back to the show. Stuck in the 80s fans who've seen the Broadway concert are giving it raves:

  • "I thought it was brilliant. Playing a whole album live should be a treat to fans and those who were attending (and frankly those attending should have known WHAT they were attending)." -- Trent
  • "I attended the first Broadway show and was pleasantly surprised by the material. ... The crowd energy and 2 hour show the band put on was very entertaining" -- Candace
  • "Speaking as one of those old age long term DD fans who has been scratching their heads at the whole Timbaland/Timerlake thing, I must say that what I've heard so far -- a bootleg of the first show -- has made me feel really excited for the band." -- Braveapollo

Hey, color me convinced. Just a week left til "Red Carpet Massacre" hits store shelves. (Who am I kidding -- we're all just buying it on iTunes, right?)

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