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'The Breakfast Club Musical'? Oh, it exists



Molly Ringwald
once said during an interview with Stuck in the '80s that The Breakfast Club, the 1985 John Hughes film that defined the '80s generation, would make for a great Broadway play. And she's right. It's basically one set. A small cast. Plenty of drama. A few laughs.

A great idea for a play. Not a musical. But The Breakfast Club Musical is what we ended up with. Yes, it really exists and it's playing at the Studio BE Theater in Chicago through April 29. (And yes, I'd really love to see it. Somebody buy me a plane ticket!)

"The 90-minute, two-act show ... features original songs like Detention and Clubs and Activities that mirror the film’s plot but aren’t mired in the decade from which it originated," the Wall Street Journal reports.

“We try to reference the 80s but not necessarily stay true to the 80s,” musical director and composer Jessica A. Hunt told WSJ.

“I remember watching the film in college and thinking it should’ve been a musical all along,” Jason Geis, its writer and director, told the Journal. But if you're hoping the musical reveals what happens at Shermer High School on Monday morning, think again. Hughes himself is said to be the only one who knew the answer.

Click here to listen to the opening number.

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