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Bubblegum bonanza: Top 5 '80s teen idols

Rick When it comes to drooling over the teen heartthrobs of the '80s, Sherrie Williams admits she has no shame. So she was drafted to write today's guest blog entry. Please, no kissing the computer screen.

Female fans of ‘80s nation may remember waiting breathlessly for the next issue of their favorite teen poster magazines to arrive so they could paper their bedroom walls with the smiling (and sometimes snarling) faces of their beloved heartthrobs. 

Alarmingly, photos exist of myself and friends at a sleepover subjecting a completely innocent Rick Springfield poster to some inappropriate touching. We’re sorry, Rick; we were under the influence of Tiger Beat glossy pinups and Jolt Cola! Here are my ...


Tomcruise 5. TOM CRUISE:
While we may not want to fess up to adoring Tom Cruise now that he has crossed over well into the land of pure crazy, he was red hot in the mid to late ‘80s. Tom Cruise highlights include the Old Time Rock and Roll dance in Risky Business and the ultimate cinematic moment of ‘80s bubblegum culture - the volleyball scene in Top Gun

Johnstamos 4. JOHN STAMOS: John Stamos was on the cover of dozens of teen magazines in the early ‘80s during his run as Blackie Parrish, the tough street kid with the heart of gold on General Hospital. While he may have become more famous as Uncle Jessie on Full House near the end of the decade, his picture was plastered on millions of teen girl’s walls as Blackie Parrish. 

Rob-lowe 3. ROB LOWE:
First hitting many of our radars as Soda Pop in The Outsiders, Rob Lowe just got bigger as the decade progressed. A 1988 sex tape controversy dimmed his appeal as a teen idol, but he will always be remembered as member the Brat Pack. His highlights in the decade include About Last Night and St. Elmo’s Fire

Simon Le Bon and John Taylor seemed to lead the heavily moussed and eyeliner clad pack back then, but each member of DD had their loyal supporters. 

I declare Rick Springfield the number one teen heartthrob of the ‘80s; even as he speeds toward 60 he makes many hearts go into palpitations when he appears on stage. Between his television role as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, a handful of hit albums and top 10 hits and the forgettable (but totally inspiring at the time) film Hard to Hold, Rick was the king of all media to ‘80s teen girls.

Those just missing the list include Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio (and the most of the rest of the cast of The Outsiders), John Schneider, Val Kilmer and the wretched but once loved Coreys, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.  Do you have other suggestions?  Take a trip back to those bubblegum days and remember these and other ‘80s teen heartthrobs.

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