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Burning the Midnight Oil



Midnight_oil Our latest Stuck in the 80s podcast is online, and once again I'm forced into a corner to explain the songs we picked for the show.

A few months ago, we were under attack by the "a-hafia" for suggesting that "Take One Me" was the band's only hit. (God forbid we forgot "Cry Wolf." Everyone hum along at home.)

Today's outrage: Australia's Midnight Oil and its signature tune "Beds are Burning." (Which to my disappointment is about land rights of indigenous Australians -- not the sexual prowess of Aussie musicians of the 80s.)

Here's a few examples of the scorn heaped upon me:

THE SERIOUS: "I feel I would remiss in my duties if I did not point out that Midnight Oil was hardly a one-hit wonder. 'Blue Sky Mine', 'Forgotten Years', 'King of the Mountain', 'Drums of Heaven', 'Truganini', and 'Outbreak of Love' all broke the Top Ten, with two of them hitting No. 1."

THE ANGRY: "What do you have against Australia? Midnight Oil is no more a one-hit wonder than, oh I don't know, let's say a-ha. And the Church? Check out 'Metropolis,' 'Almost With You,' 'Just For You,' 'Terra Nova Cain.' "

THE SARCASTIC: "Steve and the list makers have lost their minds. I know you all know I am biased towards Australia, but having Midnight Oil and The Church as one hit wonders is like saying that Crocodile Dundee is a true representation of Australians. Can't wait for the Beatles one hit wonder show."

AND THE HILARIOUS: "When the boys do an outside broadcast in Melbourne, I want to see them walk down the streets of this great city with a placard saying 'Midnight Oil is a one hit wonder.' And since they haven't made it here yet, the boys can't hide behind their Funyun shield."

Decide for yourself. Click here to download the show. Or click here to subscribe to all our shows for free on iTunes.

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