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Burt Reynolds: Nobody would want to remake 'Smokey and the Bandit' today



smokey.jpgBurt Reynolds is a film god. Even the '80s. For every stinker he did during our decade (Switching Channels, Rent-A-Cop), he had a few gems to match them (Sharkey's Machine, even Stroker Ace). So it's nice to see him introduced to a new generation of fans: Burt Reynolds is now appearing -- animated -- as the "spirit guide" to super-agent Sterling Archer on the FX show Archer.

GQ got a chance to interview Mr. Reynolds (I think I'd have to call him that in person). Here are some highlights...

HIS IMPACT WITH ARCHER: "There was a period in my career where picture after picture were fairly successful, and I had a hell of a run. So it's wonderful at my age to think that when I'm sitting around at home with the social security guys, watching whatever, that there's actually a whole other life of 20-year-olds who may not be fans, but because they're fans of Archer, they may become curious about this guy, and watch White Lightning, or whatever else plays on television, and you get a new audience."

CAN SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT BE REMADE TODAY? "Somebody asked me the other day if we remade Smokey and the Bandit, who could do it. And I said, well, there's a lot of guys who could do it, I don't know they'd want to do it. George Clooney can do anything, and those guys are all wonderful, but I'm not sure there's something in them that wants to be that notoriously silly..."

ON THE FASHION OF HIS '70s DAYS: "I don't want to see any more flared blue jeans, that's for sure. It gets a little boring when your shirt is open halfway down your chest and you're 75 years old..."

ON HIS FAMOUS 'STACHE: "Yeah, I shaved it off a month or so ago, but I teach acting a few nights a week down here—I love teaching, because if I hadn't been an actor I would've been a coach—and there was an unanimous plea to grow it back. It's part of me now. I feel like I've lost my nose if I shave it off."

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