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Bye Belinda Carlisle: Heave-ho for Go-Go



Belinda_carlisle Belinda Carlisle is no washed-up celebrity or reality-show reject, so her inclusion on Dancing With the Stars probably baffled a lot of '80s fans.

Still, we're a little sad that the Go-Go's singer was bounced last night from the mysteriously popular dancing contest show/shame fest.

Times media critic and frequent Stuck in the '80s guest host Eric Deggans offers up some rationale on her premature dismissal from his Feed blog: "Carlisle committed three unforgiveable Dancing sins: a) She was boring (at least cry for the camera like Denise Richards, girlfriend!). b) She was a hopelessly mediocre dancer, with the added appeal of drowning in buckets of self loathing once her dance was over. And c) She looked like she'd rather be listening to a 10-CD Bangles box set than dragging her clunky behind around the dance floor."

("Clunky behind?!?" Our lips are sealed.)

For the record, another '80s icon lives to fight on: Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak will stick around for another week or so. The Woz will always have our admiration for organizing the US Festivals back in 1982 and '83. Without those concerts, I would have never discovered Oingo Boingo.

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