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Caddyshack vs. Happy Gilmore



Caddyshack_1 Last night, comedy fans were tragically forced to make a choice at 8 p.m.: Watch Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore. Myself? I flipped back and forth before the spirit (gin, I believe) took me for the night.

But it's an epic golf movie battle worth playing out again. I'm going to give Happy Gilmore the temporary status of "80s movie" since star Adam Sandler is an 80s nut. (However, the movie cannot drive at night and it must have someone 21 years or older in the passenger seat.)

But which movie is better?

Signature stars:
Caddyshack: Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight.
Happy Gilmore: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Carl Weathers, Julie Bowen.
Advantage: Caddyshack

Foul use of language:
Happygilmore Caddyshack: The directors used their R rating for nudity, not on cursing. So except for the occasional "doodie," there's not much here.
Happy Gilmore: Not as much as you'd think, but the comically bleeped out tirades are classic.
Advantage: Happy Gilmore

Flagrant nudity:
Caddyshack: It's like Caligula -- on a golf course.
Juliebowen Happy Gilmore: Aside from Bowen in stockings and garters, there's no skin here.
Advantage: Caddyshack

Caddyshack_gopher Caddyshack: The gopher.
Happy Gilmore: Take your pick -- Bob Barker ("I don't want a PIECE of you, I want the whole THING!"), Kevin Nealon ("Doing the Bull Dance, feeling the flow") or Ben Stiller ("You're in my world now, grandma.")
Advantage: Even call.

Signature golfing line:
Caddyshack: "This crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story outta nowhere. Former greenskeeper and now about to become the masters champion."
Happy Gilmore: "Why can't you go home? Aren't you good enough for your home? ANSWER ME! Suck my white a-- ball!"
Advantage: Caddyshack

Signature comedy line:
Caddyshack: "Hey everybody, we're all gonna get l--d."
Happy Gilmore: "The price is wrong, b--ch."
Advantage: Caddyshack

OK, so it's not as close as it seems. To be honest, on regular TV, I'd rather watch Happy Gilmore. There's less that has to be edited. But on DVD or the pay channels, it's Caddyshack every time.


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