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Callin' Stan Ridgway



Stan_shades Big day here in Stuck in the 80s Land. We're set to interview Stan Ridgway today, the frontman for Wall of Voodoo and one of our favorite American singer/songwriters. We're hoping to get the inside scoop on the disappearance (and reappearance) of Wall of Voodoo, the experimental punk rock outfit whose "Mexican Radio" video shook up the bland fare of early MTV.

Without Wall of Voodoo, Stan has had an impressive solo career. His latest solo CD, Snakebit, has a classic song called "Talkin' Wall of Voodoo Blues, Part 1." You can download the full song off his website, or just click here. In the song, he recounts the history of the band and the evil forces that tore it apart.

Another can't-miss offering: An anti-Bush tune from his band Drywall and their latest CD "BBQ Babylon." Titled "Hidden Bonus Track," it uses the cleverly edited actual words from the speeches of George W. Bush to create an entirely different message. Playing over the top of a drum machine, it ends with the president seemingly saying, "I have a message for the people of Iraq: Go home and die."

If you have any questions for Stan, leave us a comment below. And listen for the full interview in a future Stuck in the 80s podcast.

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