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Can there ever be enough Duran lists?



Simon By now, most regular Stuck in the '80s bloggers know the infamous Vegas Girlfriend, my John Taylor-crazed companion and the only woman who can finally put my Ione Skye fetish to rest. Are you ready for a new character on the non-stop carousel of fun here?

Introducing Gainesville Classmate. Yes, an old friend from the University of Florida daze ("We've been through death and life together," as Kirk once said) has his own take on today's list of underrated Duran Duran songs.

I'm basically forced to print his top 5 list -- which leans more toward the '80s -- or face the shame of having him spill the beans on our nocturnal drive through a flower garden before the 1991 UF-LSU game, where a bottle of Polo cologne was crushed on the truck's floorboards, causing us to nearly pass out from the fragrant fumes. (Well, I guess I spilled first. But I'm printing his list anyway.)

This makes us even for the Popeye's Fried Chicken incident, Gainesville Classmate!

(along with his comments, of course):

5. SAVE A PRAYER: "Nick Rhodes asserts himself as the synth lord with lots of crazy Casio and Synclavier effects. Andy Taylor hears this song when he wakes up in a sweat from detox." [Video]

4. NOTORIOUS: "DD in full intoxication from their Nile Rodgers narcosis. Way funkier than a bunch of British boys needed to be, the song was so catchy, it overcame the Tower of Power-style horn arrangement and the stuttering of its title in the chorus." [Video]

3. THE CHAUFFEUR: "Matched in creepiness in the era only by the Police's Be My Girl (Sally), this song's raindrop notes and 10x Le Bon whining still works. Go figure." [Live version]

2. NEW RELIGION: "One of the only B-side DD songs to find the perfect balance of white-boy funk, electronica, guitar slices, groove drumming and Le Bon tenor droning. They wouldn't find it again until Ordinary World." [Live version]

1. SKIN TRADE: "There was always a little something after-hours Cinemax about DD. This one is sleek and skanky cool." [Video]

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