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Can you underrate Duran Duran?



Duran_duran_2 Let's all agree on this: When it comes to Duran Duran in the '80s, there ARE no underrated songs. Each is a pop moment captured in time. From Planet Earth in 1981 all the way through Burning the Ground from 1989.

But when it came to choosing the top 5 little-known classics from there on, in preparation for this week's Andy Taylor podcast, I had to turn to the expert: "Vegas Girlfriend."

"Do you have any idea how hard it was to be a hard-core Duranie after Live Aid? Having to constantly deny rumors of breakups?" she cried out last night via e-mail. (Obligatory male response: "Yes, yes, of course, you're right. Here, I'm uploading a virtual dozen roses for you to look at.")

Here are her picks, with links to videos, along with her reasoning verbatim:

BREATH AFTER BREATH (1993, The Wedding Album): "Beautiful song, about how precious life is. Milton Nascimento is the guest vocalist on this song, he is apparently huge in Brazil, friend of Warren Cucurillo's." [ Watch it]

(2000, Pop Trash): "First video ever done entirely in Flash, very sad song, but a lovely song nonetheless." [ Watch it]

ELECTRIC BARBARELLA (1997, Medazzaland): "I frickin' love this song - fun, sexy, great beat, hot censored video, everything that DD stands for. Plus, it's a nod to the roots of the band's name, and it's a song about a sex doll, which I'm sure is somewhat of a tribute to In Every Dream Home a Heartache by Roxy Music. First single to be sold online.'' [Watch it]

LAND (1988, Big Thing]: "I like this one because it's about being separated from the person you love. Plus it reminds me of Simon out sailing on his boat." [Watch it]

ALL ALONG THE WATER (1990, Liberty): "Totally lusty song, completely danceable, classic DD." [ Listen]

Honorable mentions: 

(1993, The Wedding Album): "You're all over this one." [ Watch it]

FALLING DOWN (2007, Red Carpet Massacre): "You know I am obsessed with this song, not sure why, something about it." [ Watch it]

BEAUTIFUL COLOURS: "It was supposed to be on Astronaut (2004), but never made it. DD donated it to FIFA, the organization that runs the World Cup - they had this big Centennial event and played this song at the ceremony - fun catchy song.'' [Watch it]

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