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Cancel this musical before you jinx the 80s



There have always been signs that the spirit of the 80s had been warped, manhandled and diluted beyond all recognition. Exhibit A: Madonna speaks with a fake British accent; Tom Cruise picks fights with the media; Tony Danza is a talk-show host.

But now they've crossed yet another line in my 80s sandbox: The movie "The Wedding Singer" is the latest musical to hit Broadway. (To paraphrase our first reaction: Broadway "equals puke equals smelly mess equals nobody likes you!")

Yes, the 1998 classic movie with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore that made us all fall back in the love with the 80s is now a stage production. It opened Thursday night at New York's Al Hirschfeld Theatre -- minus Adam and Drew and probably a whole lot more that made the story such a great movie.

The Washington Post's review of the show isn't too kind, which is understandable, but then the critic takes a shot at our beloved decade, calling it "the not particularly evocative period in which the musical takes place."

What?!? Blasphemy! What's not to love about the 80s?

"Although the show mercifully sidesteps the Challenger disaster and Iran-contra, it does reacquaint us with the styling of mullets, the exhibitionism of Madonna and the shoes of Imelda Marcos."

Yeah, you betcha! Now we're sitting in gravy. What's the problem? Ohhhh, poor angry Washington Post. Have a Bartles & Jaymes and chill out. (You're just sore that we're nearly a better blogging newspaper than you.)

In the meantime, what are we 80s fans left to think of when it comes to pimping our beloved movie and decade on Broadway? Well, as Sandler says in the movie, "Hey, psycho -- we're not gonna discuss this, OK, it's over. Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up."

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