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Can't Fight This Feeling anymore: I need to stop dreaming about 1985



Reoshirt_1 There are several disadvantages to being stuck in the 80s: I'm culturally detached; coworkers mock my usual attire of navy blue corduroys, white Nikes and a REO Speedwagon concert jersey; I have to pay my stylist extra to give my hair that feathered look. And sometimes it's the ridiculous dreams that wake me up at 3:16 in the morning.

Tonight's dream: I somehow agree to attend the 20th anniversary celebration of my senior prom. Only it's held at Six Flags Over Oklahoma (I'm not sure this place even exists) in Oklahoma City. So I'm forced to fly to this event. I miss three flights because I can't find a parking space at the airport. I finally make it to Oklahoma -- remember, I went to high school in Florida -- about midnight the day before the event.

In the dream, my prom date -- then and now -- is a petite English girl who's too shy to talk to me. In this case, I think I'm channeling the date of my friend Clay, who double-dated with me at my actual prom, since my date then was really from Sweden. (Clay, of course, is nowhere to be seen. He's savvy enough to not make appearances in prom dreams.)

Driver1 The same exact limo driver from my 1985 prom is there to drive us to Six Flags. He even recognizes me. He gives us a cooler full of raspberry lambic beer to drink on the trip, but insists we drink it out of glass beakers that we used in chemistry class. My date has yet to say a word to me when we pull into Six Flags, which resembles a road-side tourist stop in Central Mexico. (They're even promoting an all-you-can-eat taco dinner for $3.)

Clayprom Thankfully about this time, I woke up. I guess I'll never know if the prom theme was the same -- "Can't Fight This Feeling" -- as it was in 1985. Or if the night ended again with Clay passing out again on the driveway of our friend's house at 2 a.m. One thing's for sure: I've got a real hankering right now for some raspberry lambic and ballads by REO.

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