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Capturing Canada in the 80s



Bobanddoug It took us months to pull together the songs, weeks to research the bands, and then about two hours to record the 40-minute show. The end result: Our tribute to Canadian music of the 80s is finally online.

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Please forgive Times pop music critic Sean Daly for his jokes, which often came at the expense of your favorite bands.

For our fans in Canada, you likely don't need a primer on the songs and bands from this show. But for everyone else, here's the playlist of songs for the podcast, in order of their appearance:

  • "You're the Only Love" (Paul Hyde and the Payolas)
  • "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" (Bruce Cockburn)
  • "Standing in the Dark" (Platinum Blonde)
  • "Rock You" (Helix)
  • "Rebel" (Blue Rodeo)
  • "New Girl Now" (Honeymoon Suite)
  • "My Girl" (Chilliwack)
  • "What Was Going Through My Head" (Grapes of Wrath)
  • "Feet of the Moon" (Parachute Club)
  • "Box in the Box" (Corey Hart)
  • "Hey Men" (Men Without Hats)
  • "Things I Do For Money" (Northern Pikes)
  • "Man's Best Friend" (The Pursuit of Happiness)
  • "Magic Power" (Triumph)
  • "New Orleans is Sinking" (Tragically Hip)

A quick reminder: Every band and every song was recommended to us by our Canadian fans. And special thanks to Alistair Burns and Damian Penny -- they supplied me with just about every song on the list.

Leave a comment with your thoughts about the band and song choices, especially if you feel we excluded some worthy bands. Who knows -- maybe we'll do a "part 2" in the future.

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