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Career rejuvenation easy as ABC



How come nobody in the 80s made fun of the too-simple name of this band? Talking about ABC of course. Only now, after typing it a dozen times do I start to sense the silliness of it. Must have been the catchy tunes -- " Shoot that poison arrow through my heart, heart, heart..." -- or their superior yet freakishly haunting videos, which all seemed to resemble French pornography from the 1920s.

In any case, ABC is back. Of course, like their 80s peers, they never really left -- at least not our iPods. The band is touring the U.S. this summer, starting with a bunch of West Coast dates. (Right now, it looks like the usual House of Blues/local casino venue sorta gigs, but we'll hold out hope that they'll move up to larger venues.)

Though formed in England during the New Romantic movement by vocalist Martin Fry, ABC has historically focused on the U.S. to stoke its success. And unlike some of their British brethren, ABC was no one-hit wonder stateside. The videos for "Look of Love" and "Poison Arrow" were in heavy rotation on MTV in the early 80s and helped boost those songs into the top 25 in 1983. "Be Near Me" hit the Top 10 in 1985. "When Smokey Sings" got all the way to #5 on the charts in 1987.

Though much of the band's latest music offerings have been best-of collections, Fry reportedly is putting some finishing touches on a new CD, which should include some singles from recent years. In the meantime, let's just sit back and enjoy some more catchy lyrics.... "Who broke my heart? You did, you did. Bow to the target, Blame cupid, cupid. You think you’re smart. Stupid, stupid...."

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