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Celebrating "guy movies" of the 80s



Let's take time-out to celebrate the "guy movies" of the 80s: Die Hard, The Terminator, Field of Dreams, Scarface, Diner, Escape from New York, The Empire Strikes Back (but definitely not Return of the Jedi!), Blade Runner and more.

Certain things define a "guys movie:" Lack of a romantic plot? That helps. Lots of action? That's a given. Gratuitous female nudity? No objection here. Side question: Can any John Hughes film be a guy movie? I say no way. It doesn't meet any of the above criteria. If there's any Hughes movie that comes, maybe it's Weird Science.

Some genres are home runs: College (Back to School), war (Platoon, First Blood) and science fiction movies (Star Trek, Highlander) are usually guy movies, aren't they? Sports movies too (Major League, Hoosiers, Bull Durham, Chariots of Fire), though the 80s saw the infiltration of romance into sports movies (Bull Durham, The Natural, The Karate Kid).

Certain actors help: Throw in Sylvester Stallone (Rocky III, Over the Top), Sean Connery (Highlander, The Untouchables) or Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan, Running Man, Total Recall) and you've got a guys movie. Other actors (Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, John Cusack), ummm, not so much. Oh sure, you can throw Top Gun at me, but take out the Kelly McGillis side-plot and all you have is Iron Eagle II. (There's a split jury on Kevin Costner.)

Are you ready for my closing thesis? My final argument. Here goes: What happens when you combine all the above elements? A war movie that also has sports, no women and Sylvester Stallone? You get the 1981 movie Victory, the greatest guy movie of the entire decade.

Case closed!

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