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Charles is back in charge - of our DVD players



There's more to the 80s than teens-in-angst movies, New Wave music and MTV. There was also some great stuff on TV. Unfortunately, these four box sets aren't it. But there's nothing wrong with a little guilty pleasure from time to time. So enjoy new releases in moderation.

Charles in Charge (1984-1990): Ah, the classic work of Scott Baio, who plays a college student who moves in with a family as their housekeeper and babysitter. Also featuring Willie Aames as his friend Buddy. The DVD of the first season goes on sale Feb. 14, the perfect present for your 80s loved ones. (Sing along: "Charles in charge, of our days, and our nights...")

Growing Pains (1985-1992): Meet the Seaver family. The star vehicle for Alan Thicke and Kirk Cameron (that worked out well, didn't it?) also briefly featured Leonardo DiCaprio and a character named "Boner." High-brow, it was not. The first season DVD was released on Feb. 7.

Full House (1987-1995): Yes, the one with the Olsen twins. But also John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier as the three hopeless male figures left to raise three little girls. Easily the most talented cast from this genre of TV shows. (Saget's true genius wasn't known til years later when it was revealed he's a hilarious stand-up comedian with a vocabulary that makes Chris Rock faint. Go rent "The Aristocrats.") The DVD of seasons one and two was released in December.

Who's The Boss (1984-1992): Tony Danza? Forget him. Alyssa Milano! Now you're sitting in butter. Long before she stripping for Poison Ivy II, Alyssa was just a cute-as-a-button daughter for Danza's character, a male housekeeper. Season one of the series was released on DVD back in 2004. Like the rest of these sit-coms, there's little or no lasting social value here. But in the 80s, it's all about the hot stars, the cheesy jokes and the cheap laughs. Enjoy.

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