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Chase Squires ... 80s blasphemist



Cflash_1 Former Times TV critic and Stuck in the 80s special guest Chase Squires celebrates his birthday today. Chase was the genius behind two of my favorite episodes of our podcast: the TV in the 80s show and the Miami Vice tribute. (Click those links to relive the magic that is Chase Squires.) Nowadays, Chase is shoveling snow in Denver as a reporter for the Associated Press. He also writes a hilarious blog about his running adventures.

He e-mailed Stuck in the 80s today to give us his review of our special Halloween episode ("I was laughing my a-- off on the treadmill") and to share the tale of his favorite Halloween costume in the 80s:

"My best Halloween Costume of the 80s ... I was at The Citadel, no money and not a lot of clothes to work with ... I pulled out a wool blanket, a couple bedsheets, some flip flops, a fake beard and a halo I made with a coat hangar and cardboard ... carry a bottle of mad dog "wine" ... presto, I'm Jesus! ...Yeah, it didn't go over so good at my girlfriend's parents' house, the whole South Carolina thing, you know ..."

Chasephoto Chase had no photos of his costume, but he was nice enough to recreate it with some photo-editing software. (Please forward all charges of blasphemy to Chase Squires, c/o The North Pole.)

Speaking of Jesus and Halloween, a quick trivia question for you 80s addicts: Chase isn't the first person to dress up as Jesus for a costume ball. It happened in an early 80s movie. Can you name the movie and the actor?

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