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Cindy Crawford and MTV's House of Style



Cindy Crawford turns 40 today. So it's time to remember her single contribution to the 80s: serving as the first host for MTV's House of Style. Beginning in 1989, the popular series ran for more than a decade.

Why so popular? We have no idea. The writing was awful -- Cindy's commentary sounded like a contest between stoned college freshmen to see who could form the longest sentences composed of nothing but cliches. ("Here's the low-down on high fashion ... a sampling of street-looks from the mean streets East Coast to West Coast, featuring rocking and rolling style victims and summer designs from today's hottest designers.")

The fashion advice was non-applicable to anyone outside Manhattan and L.A. And it proved that MTV programming gurus had officially jumped the shark. The show's shallowness was mocked ruthlessly in the 1994 movie Reality Bites (ah, when Ben Stiller was still a genius).

Poor Cindy. She's taken her lumps for her acting (1992's Fair Game) and her past marriages (Richard Gere). At least she has her appearance as the July 1988 Playboy cover model to look back on. Plus, her modeling career and exercise videos ensure she'll never have to worry about schlepping herself on MTV again.

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