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At Comic-Con, not even Pee-Wee Herman can be a loner



Pee-Wee/AP photo

Pee-Wee Herman made his first-ever Comic-Con appearance over the weekend in San Diego. And happily, Whitney Matheson, who has the world's coolest job as USA Today's pop culture blogger, was there to interview her hero.

You should read the full Q&A on her Pop Candy blog, but two things jumped out at me. One, Pee-Wee (aka Paul Reubens) really seemed touched by her fandom.

"Honestly, those kind of comments have been ... you know, that's significant," he said when she admitted she was a little overwhelmed by the experience. "I've said this before, but I had a lot of people in New York come backstage after the show -- and in Los Angeles, too -- and say, 'I'm an artist because of you' or something similar to what you just said, and it's incredible. I mean, I'm not making this up, I really am moved by it.

And also, Pee-Wee still wears his original bow-tie and shoes from the '80s!!! Heh-heh.

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 7:08am]


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