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Conan is a 'Die Hard' fan of Alan Rickman

Die-Hard-Alan-Rickman_l New Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien had the honor of penning the upcoming "Must List" for Entertainment Weekly. The list, traditionally a list of hot to-do items for the coming week, was more of a collection of the funny man's personal pop culture faves this time around.

For example, No. 6 on his list: Alan Rickman as "Hans Gruber" in 1988's Die Hard.

"I love bad guys," Conan writes. "And in this movie Alan Rickman is so cartoonishly evil that seconds before he plummets to his death from a high office tower, he has the sick presence of mind to try and shoot Bruce Willis."

All talk show hosts should be stuck in the '80s. And his "Must List" allows Entertainment Weekly to stay stuck on villains. Here's the magazine's recent list of Top 20 Villains of All Time. Only a couple '80s heroes make the list sadly:

1. The Wicked Witch Of The West
2. Darth Vader
3. Hannibal Lecter
4. The Joker
5. Alex DeLarge
6. Montgomery Burns
7. Catherine Tramell
8. Voldemort
9. Dracula
10. Nurse Ratched
11. J.R. Ewing
12. Norman Bates
13. Frank Booth
14. Annie Wilkes
15. Snow White’s Queen
16. Hans Gruber
17. Michael Myers
18. Gordon Gekko
19. Alex Forrest
20. Jack Torrance

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