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A concert worthy of royalty



Diana Word out of the mother country is that British princes William and Harry are making plans for a huge concert to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of their mother, the late Princess Diana.

The concert would be held July 1, 2007 in Wembley Stadium. Diana, a worldwide icon since her 1981 marriage to Prince Charles, died Aug. 31, 1997, with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and their driver when their car crashed in the Pont d'Alma tunnel in Paris.

The list of musicians to perform hasn't been established yet, though Elton John is rumored to have already committed. Word has it Madonna and Beyonce will be invited as well.

Wembley Since Diana started out as an 80s icon -- and the concert will be held in the ultimate 80s concert venue -- here's our recommended list of acts to invite. It's an all-U.K. bill, so Madonna -- fake accent and all -- can tear up her invitation right now, thankyouverymuch:

Thompsontwins Thompson Twins: They haven't been together since their early 90s ... so they're well-rested. Queue up "Doctor, Doctor," "Hold Me Now," and finish with "King for a Day." (I believe that one is Prince Charles' favorite ditty.)

Duran Duran: The lovely lads from Birmingham reportedly were Diana's favorite band. And even Andy Taylor would return for this gig. I'm guessing she'd want to hear "Save a Prayer," "Rio," "Planet Earth" and a set-ending "Hungry Like the Wolf." (Get William's girlfriend, Kate Middleton, to add the closing moaning effects.)

Queen Queen with George Michael: Bring back Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacons. Now book Cheech-and-Chong wannabe George Michael to handle the lead vocals, as he did so expertly in the Freddy Mercury Concert for Life show back in 1992. Start with "One Vision," go to "Who Wants to Life Forever" and finish your set with "Somebody to Love" and revel in all the glory.

Elton Elton John: Yes, yes. Elton can perform. But he has to play in the Donald Duck costume from the late 70s. And he's not allowed to play "Crocodile Rock" or "Honky Cat," the most obnoxious tunes in his collection. He is required, however, to play "Kiss the Bride" and "Tiny Dancer." And yes, he can end it with "Candle in the Wind" ... if he insists.

There you go, Will and Harry. I've done all the hard work. Just click "print" and get to work. (And send my press pass via priority mail, if you don't mind.)

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