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Cool present: Free online TV shows



Chasemiamivice Santa Chase (aka Chase Squires) still loves the Stuck in the 80s crowd, so he's sharing a secret present with all of us: Free movies and TV programming on the Web.

According to Chase, who served so brilliantly as the Times TV critic and podcast guest host on the Miami Vice episode, NBC Universal and News Corp. are beta-testing a new service called, an online service that seems to have tons of TV shows and movies already available for viewing -- if you have password. (If you don't have one, it's too late, Chase says.)

But Chase discovered that if you type in (where x is replaced by a number from 2 to 1801), you'll magically get a TV show streaming into your Web browser.

"Doogie Howser" appears in the 100 range. For "Miami Vice," check 440-450. For the "A-Team," start looking around 250. If you're feeling more naughty than nice, hunt around and discover the location of other shows and movies.

Somewhere in there, according to Chase, is the entire movie "The Breakfast Club." Another website -- OPENHulu -- also has cataloged and embedded a lot of the shows already as well.

Don't forget to stop by Chase's blog and give thanks.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:27pm]


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