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This is crazy ... this is crazy: Name the best pool scenes of the '80s

Christy Holiday weekends here in the subtropic lands of Florida, home of Stuck in the '80s, mean one thing: Time to hit the pool.

But before Sean Daly and I squeeze into our matching lime green speedos and water-wings, we usually look for a little inspiration from our favorite '80s movies. And there's no shortage of material.

Of course, he and I differ on our favorite scenes. He leans toward Chevy Chase in the hotel pool with Christie Brinkley. But that's because the family man in him is a real life Clark Griswold. As a newly swinging bachelor (who am I kidding? I'm sitting home alone per usual watching VH1 Classic at 7 in the morning on a holiday), I like my pool scenes a little more R-rated.

So we want your suggestions: What were the definitive pool scenes from movies in the 1980s? Here are some that have to be on the list.

FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH (1982): Phoebe Cates, fantasy scene or not, in a bikini is reason enough to stand up and salute the flag today. It also prompts the question that has haunted teenaged boys since the dawn of time: "Doesn't anybody f---ing" knock anymore?"

SECRET OF MY SUCCESS (1987): Michael J. Fox gets taken out Jaws-style by his aunt/boss's wife. Decide for yourself which of those is creepier.

CADDYSHACK (1980): The unforgettable Caddy Day at Bushwood Country Club's pool. The synchronized swim -- to the tune of Waltz of the Flowers -- was often imitated in the '80s but never duplicated. Sad to say, though, everyone has tried the "Baby Ruth" trick since then.

RECKLESS (1984): Nobody gives this movie any credit. But you've never seen an erotic pool scene until you watch Daryl Hannah and Aidan Quinn in this high school flick written by Chris Columbus.

Okay, what scenes are we forgetting? Name your favorites.

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